July 7th, 2011


Important: Missing nominations


As some of you know there have been a few problems with people's nominations not getting to me. I have discovered that the problem is down to an automatic spam filter. Now, apparently this has been in place since April (although this is the first time it has ever affected this or any of my other communities) and means that any comments with a link that LJ does not recognize as "safe" (meaning most websites..) will be moved and placed in a seperate section. It is supposed to tell you if you have "suspicious comments" to check but until today it did not inform me of any of these and thus i did not recieve everyone's nominations and for that I am very sorry.

However, I have managed to change the settings so this shouldn't happen again. However, from now on I will make a public list of everyone who has nominated their icons in that round which I will update regularly - If you check back and your name isn't on the list, you will know that the nominations were not recieved and we can sort it out before I post any voting.

Unfortunately, it is too late to add those missing nominations to the voting but I hope you will enter the next round as I am doing everything I can to avoid this happening again.

Sorry again guys.

Mia x
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